Double date at the Southbank Centre: Real Food Christmas Market and Traditional Christmas Market

As you come out of Waterloo station you will be seduced by the aromatic flavours brewing a hundred yards away, in the stalls of the Real Food Christmas Market.

From freshly made pasta to delicious olives from cypress this market has it all.

Beppino's pasta

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Christmas Chocolate Festival and More London Christmas Market

Looking for things to do this Sunday?

Visit the Christmas Chocolate Festival and after go and have a look at the More London Christmas Market.

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Diego Rivera’s 125 birthday is remembered with a Google doodle

Diego Rivera was one of the biggest muralist of the 20th century in Mexico.  His murals can be found in different parts of Mexico and there are some in the USA. He was married to Frida Kahlo.



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Edgware Road station will become greener

A 200 square metre wall formed by 15 different types of plants has been created at Edgware Rd Station with the intention to remove pollution produced by traffic and improve the air quality.

Kulveer Ranger, the Major’s environment adviser, helped to plant the last set of vegetation on the wall.

The Wall’s impact will be monitored by scientist from Imperial College London

Source: London Evening Standard  29 November 2011

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Who is the evening hack?

Hi please follow my new blog at, cheers

I am a Journalism student at City University and I am passionate about food; from its origins and production, to the moment it is served on a plate ready to be enjoyed.

I have a cooking column called Food on Fridays that I write weekly for the student’s union website City Online and also write restaurant reviews for the new WUWO Magazine.

Photography is one of my passions and I adore travelling so whenever possible, I search and snap amazing edible things and sometimes the odd ugly ones as well.  Especially if I am travelling as local flavours are always the best.

It has been more than three years since I started growing vegetables. It all started when I couldn’t get a job. Living in a shared house comes with its downsides but it definitely has its perks.

One of them: I have a massive garden. A garden that no one ever really cared for, and with plenty of time on my hands, my hyperactive mind began to think of the possibilities.

My husband and I restored the old greenhouse and dug a veggie patch at the back. I started doing a lot of research about how to develop an allotment and with a lot of hard work everything started blooming.

Months later we decided to adopt a couple of chickens and ducks and everyone started comparing us with ‘The good life series.’

So what now?

Now I am starting this blog to share my passion and to encourage you to be more connected with the food you munch on every day.

Thank you for stopping by,

Maria  X

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